3M Hi Productivity Pad

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Our Plastic Floor Tool Pads is Made of high-quality plastic material, it is durable, thornless and wear-resistant. The tool pads sleeve can be widely used in the joint filing of a kitchen, bathroom, water tank, door, window, kitchen, bathroom, a water tank, and sink.

SCRATCH-FREE FOR DELICATE TASKS. Our non-abrasive pads are the way to go for tasks requiring a gentle touch, but also have the strength to handle sinks, countertops, or pots and pans.

Our Strength Sticky Pads is Easy to use and Remove, It is easy and convenient to use, leaves no vestige after tearing it off from smooth surfaces. It is waterproof, outdoors for solar wall lights, camping, outside hangings, Simple peel off and sticks on, sticky backing. Non-slip, Anti-skid.



  • Size:3  meters
  • Packet / Quantity: 1
  • Carton / Quantity:20

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