2 x Bingo Multipurpose Cleaner - Pink Dreams 1Lt



Bingo multipurpose cleaner will help you to cleanse the entire household, removing grease, dirt, dust and grime from all hard surfaces.

This cleaner can be diluted with water or used directly, according to your needs. It can be added to water to mop any hard floor, or diffused with a spray bottle to clean benches, stovetops, sinks or any other surfaces. No need to rinse!

Bingo Pink Dreams is inspired by spring florals, and can even be used as an air freshener.

Take advantage of our low prices, available for both 1 LT and 2.5 LT varieties, and discover why Bingo is a staple in European households.


- this product is suitable for the cleaning of all hard surfaces including benchtops, bathrooms, tiles, timber, vinyl, ceramic, stainless steel and more. 

- Powerfully formulated to kill bacteria and germs.

- Dermatologically proven to be safe on skin.

- Leaves no residue or streaks for a perfect finish, every time

Direct application: 

- Simply spray and wipe for fast and efficient results. 

- Can be used directly or diluted depending on your preference of fragrance strength and cleaning intensity. 

No matter your cleaning routine, Bingo will help you get the job done

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