BioPak Sauce Container 140ml



60-280mL Clear Dome No Hole Lid 

60-280mL BioPak Clear Flat Lid
60-280mL BioPak Clear Dome X-Slot Lid

BioPak Containers are sustainably sourced from managed plantations with lining made from plants, not oil. These containers are 140ml and they are great for sauces.

The containers are certified commercially compostable to AS4736 in Australia and New Zealand.  

Note: This container is suitable for cold use only.


Size: 140 ml

Diameter: 76 mm

Colour: Clear

Quantity / Carton: 1,000 pieces 

Quantity / Sleeve: 50 pieces 

Disposal Options: Industrial compost facilities and landfill


Doesn't cost the earth! 

BioPak uses Ingeo PLA that is manufactured from renewable plant-based sources. 

BioPak Benefits

  • C02 footprint 75% less then conventional plastic
  • Ingeo PLA requires 68% less fossil fuel then traditional plastic
  • Derived from plant-based sources, not oil
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions 
  • Reduced hazardous waste caused from oil-derived plastics that remain solid for hundreds of years

By purchasing BioPak packaging you are doing your part in providing your customers with Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions that doesn't cost the earth!

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