100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF 10+ 250G

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The story of 100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey started in a small town in New Zealand called Timaru. Founders Steve Lyttle and Carolyn Ball started the business 21 years ago, taking pride in the purity, sustainably and quality of their honey. 

This generous 250g jar can be shared by the whole family! 

Genuine New Zealand UMF® mānuka honey’s wellbeing properties make it a sought-after product. It has a signature smoothness and rich flavour that’s second to none. 

Why choose mānuka? 

Mānuka honey is rare because collecting it is not as simple as other types of honey. It’s impossible to make bees go only to a specific plant, but they will take what’s closest, so hives have to be located in areas densely populated by mānuka trees to ensure that’s all they’re collecting. On top of that, mānuka trees only flower for a few weeks every year (2-6 weeks approx) so there’s a limited time for it to be made. And the amount of honey made each year can also be influenced by weather conditions and how much nectar the flowers produce.

How does mānuka differ from other kinds of honey?


Also known more simply as MGO, this is what gives mānuka honey its unique antibacterial properties. The level of MGO in mānuka honey is how it gets its UMF™ grade. 


Also found in mānuka nectar, leptosperin is a signature compound that helps differentiate mānuka from other honey types.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

This is what MGO is before it’s collected by the bees. DHA is found in the mānuka flower nectar and is converted to MGO when it is turned into honey.


Volume: 250g

UMF: 10+

Quantity: 1 jar/UNIT 

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