Spray Sanitiser 70% Alcohol - Hands or Surfaces 5LT

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Size: 5LT
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Bulk Buys Spray Sanitiser has been formulated using 70% alcohol; a product designed to be compliant with World Health Organization guidelines, to help keep your home and workplace safe and clean. 

This product is safe for use on skin and non-porous surfaces.

For use as a vapour, spray or mist. 

  • 70% Ethanol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Used for Benches, Surfaces & Door handles
  • Can be used as a Liquid Hand Sanitiser


Volume: 5LT

Quantity: 1 bottle/UNIT

*Bulk Buys wishes to advise that chemical products can be hazardous. Please review the labels carefully and use the product only as directed, with the relevant safety apparel. Do not use chemical products for purposes not defined on the label.  

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