MAXX-PACK Wow Gym Wipes Carton 4 rolls x 1200



The most economical Gym Wipes option.

MAXX-PACK Gym Wipes utilize a slightly thinner version of the ‘Premium’ Gym Wipes fabric so we can pack an extra 1560 wipes into each carton (390 extra wipes per roll)

  • 4 x 1,200 count rolls per carton (4,800 wipes total)
  • High Wipe count = less cost, less frequent ordering, less time required from staff to replace rolls.
  • Strong diamond embossed wood-pulp fabric
  • Same fresh lemon scent and antibacterial formula as our ‘Premium’ Gym Wipes – designed for gym equipment
  • Compatible with all our dispensers
  • Dimensions 44cm W x 44cm D x 22cm H
  • Roll weight 5.65kg
  • Carton weight 23kg

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