Hand Sanitiser Gel - 5LT

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Size: 5LT
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This alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a fast-drying, waterless, antibacterial gel that kills 99.9% of germs with which it comes into contact. 

It contains emollients and skin conditioners that will leave your hands feeling clean and refreshed.

Our hand sanitizing gel is perfect for use in the office, on public transport, in stores and in shopping centres, at cashier stations, hotel rooms or in any area where there is a high frequency of touch.

Size: 5LT

Quantity: 1 bottle/UNIT

70% Alcohol 
Ethanol based.

*Bulk Buys wishes to advise that chemical products can be hazardous. Please review the labels carefully and use the product only as directed, with the relevant safety apparel. Do not use chemical products for purposes not defined on the label.  

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