Purist Disposable Medical Mask With Earloops 3 Ply, Fluid Resistant - 10pcs



These one-size-fits-all medical mask by Purist come in a convenient pack of 10 masks, perfect for individual users.

Latex and fiberglass free, manufactured using high quality, non-woven fabric and featuring both a nosepiece and earloops, these masks offer maximum comfort for the wearer.

Most importantly, the masks are

- Medical Grade

- Fluid Resistant

- 3 Ply

To use, first clean you hands with soap or sanitiser.

Hold the mask gently by the earloops, and secured them behind each ear.

Finally, pinch the edges to mold the mask to conform to the shape of your nose. Ensure the mask fully covers your face and chin.

These are single-use products and must be disposed of once worn.


Volume: 10 masks/BOX

Dimensions: 90mm x 175mm

Quantity: 1 box/UNIT

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