White Plastic Hand Towel Roll Dispenser With key

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Are you looking for Towel Roll Dispenser? 

Our Towel Roll Dispenser is made with White heavy-duty ABS plastic build and is easy to clean with just one cloth or wiper. The rounded top prevents the accumulation of rubbish, dust, and dirt. This Dispenser is an easy loading roll towel dispenser that offers a smart, hygienic and cost-effective solution when you need it most.

The Dispenser has an easy-clean finish and has no dust or dirt traps. It can be used in heavy usage areas and keeps the cost down. It can be used in commercial, industrial, shopping mall, hotels, restaurants, public spaces, etc;

  • Lockable


Colour: White 

Material: Heavy-duty ABS plastic build

Measurements: H.21x L.22.5x W.18.5cm

Hand Towels to Suit:

Duro Roll Towels 80m x 16 Rolls

Embossed Perforated Hand Towel 80m x 16 Rolls

Gentility Embossed Hand Towel Roll 80m x 16 Rolls

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