Sir Bio Dishwasher Liquid Gel Detergent 1200ml



With its refreshing fragrance, this product will leave your dishes sparkling bright and smelling good. 

It dissolves easily with its herbal-based raw materials and gel form, provides effective cleaning against stubborn stains without scratching your dishes.

Sir BIO gel detergent has been tested and proven to leave no residue.

It prevents the formation of bad odour in the machine after washing with its herbal essence content. It provides bright cleaning on the dishes with the special biopolymer and white vinegar additive it contains.

It does not cause adverse effects on the environment and human health thanks to its self-soluble herbal raw materials without accumulating in nature.

It is vegan certified, does not contain any animal ingredients, and our animal friends were never used as test subjects in the product tests.

It does not contain Phosphate, Paraben, Chlorine raw materials which are in the category of harmful raw materials.

Volume 1200ml
Number of washes 
60 Loads 
Quantity 1 Bottle 

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