Medcon Australian Made Surgical Face Mask Level 1 3ply 50 Pieces

Size: Ties


Medcon masks are manufactured locally and provide a high level of respiratory protection for clinicians/patients.

Bacterial Filteration Efficiency (BFE):
With a Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of greater then 99% this mask provides superior protection.

BFE is an independent test conducted by Nelson Laboratories that measures the effectiveness of face mask materials to filter out bacteria.

Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE):
The super high Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) material filters >99% of particles greater than 0.1 microns. When securely fitted, the mask helps provide an effective barrier to particulate matter from laser plumes and electrocautery procedures.

PFE measures the effectiveness of the mask material to filter particulate matter.

Australian Made - MedCon (In compliance with AS/NZ Standards) ISO9001

BFE 99%, PFE 99%, No reaction to long use. High-Quality Fibres. Excellent breathability.


Colour: Green

Ply: 3 Ply

Dispenser Box: Yes

Quantity: 50 pieces of masks

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