IT'S HAPPENING - Melbourne Restrictions Are Being Lifted and Victoria Prepares to Reopen!

Are you ready for COVID-normal?

We are finally in the last legs of Melbourne’s necessary but brutal stage four lockdown. We are grateful for our customers who have supported us throughout this challenging period, and wish to extend our own support to fellow businesses as they prepare to open their doors at last. 

For restaurants, retail and many other businesses, small and large, family run and corporate owned, this is a welcome relief, but doesn't come without its challenges. 

In accordance with the guidelines from the DHHS, workplaces MUST take precautions to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

In the event of a positive case on your business premises, you may be asked to demonstrate this plan to officials from the department or WorkSafe Victoria.

From the DHHS Workplace Obligations page:

“COVIDSafe Plans sets out employer obligations and includes at a minimum:

- actions taken by the employer to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the work premises

- the process in place to maintain records of everyone who comes to the work premises

- the appropriate level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn at the work premises

- the processes the employer has put in place to respond to a suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) at the work premises.

- acknowledgement that the employer understands its responsibilities and obligations.

By developing a COVIDSafe Plan and implementing it, business owners will be better placed to protect their staff, their businesses and to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).”

We at Bulk Buys have taken measures to ensure we are compliant with the guidelines above, and we are here to support you so that your business can do the same.


Hand Sanitizing and Washing

The regular sanitization of hands is advised by the World Health Organization to help limit the spread of corona virus.

Ensuring your bathrooms, kitchens and other common hygiene areas are well equipped is important, but for those who welcome customers in-store or in-office, having a sanitizer dispenser in the lobby or storefront is a wise idea.

We offer a range of sanitizer dispensers suitable for bathrooms, as well as a contactless sanitizer dispenser stand.

For these, we provide bulk alcohol-based sanitizer gel refills.

We also offer automatic soap dispensers for your hygiene areas, and paper towel dispensers to match!

We also offer small and large pump bottle sanitizers that can be used by cashiers, receptionists and front-of-house staff.


Face Masks

Another important element of creating a COVID-safe workplace in Victoria is to ensure your staff and customers are wearing face masks, as is required under the current emergency measures.

Customers can either be provided with disposable, single use facemasks while on premises, or can be advised to bring their own by direction.

For staff, we personally prefer to be able to provide staff with disposable masks where possible. This makes it both convenient for your workers, and hygienic for your workplace, in that you – as the business owner – know that your masks are complaint with the 3-ply recommendation and the conditions in which the masks are kept.

We offer general use 3-ply and KN95 masks.


Disposable Gloves

Gloves are also an excellent option for businesses where there are high touch areas such as counters, or that offer services involving direct contact with clientele.

Gloves should be chosen according to the services or products you provide, in line with the appropriate medical or safety guidelines of your industry.

We offer vinyl, poly, nitrile and latex gloves.


Social Distancing

Social distancing is a requirement in Victoria for the time being, and it can sometimes be difficult to ensure this rule is adhered to, especially in small or crowded spaces.

We have managed this in our warehouse by using floor stickers that indicate the distance that is required between visitors and staff. These are bright and bold, and help staff members on the floor to recognise when people are too close.


General Hygiene

One element that is often overlooked is the importance of cleaning your workplace thoroughly and frequently. The disinfection of hard surfaces is a necessity in the current climate, and the regular cleaning of public areas should also be a priority for your business.

We personally recommend the wiping down of high-touch areas with disinfectant or alcohol-based wipes between each customer.

In addition, before or after the workplace has closed, the mopping of floors and other surfaces with disinfectant and a vigorous general clean with the appropriate products. Keeping on top of workplace hygiene can help lower the risk.


Staying Safe

Finally, we advise you and all your staff take precautions to help limit the risk on infection outside the workplace by adhering to the DHHS guidelines and maintaining good hygiene. Victorian businesses have suffered enough without having to face being closed temporarily for infection control. We all want to see a return to some semblance of normality. But more than that, we want to see our communities and fellow businesses thrive in the weeks leading up to the busy Christmas trading period.

Please stay safe, and see you very soon.

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